Family Law Attorney in Grand Rapids Michigan

Helping people maneuver through the complex issues of divorce and child custody.

The law office of Robert B. Relph focuses on the area of law (aptly named Family Law) that deals with the termination of marriage from a legal perspective. Such termination of marriage requires legal proceedings which result in a legal separation or divorce.

Many people underestimate the complex issues that typically arise before, during, and after the termination of a marriage. Many of these issues are similar from case to case, however they are usually best handled by an attorney familiar with the serious legal aspects and consequences of each issue. Those not represented by an attorney, especially by an attorney with significant experience in Family Law, can be at a significant disadvantage. In addition, following the well-intentioned advice received from family and friends is not recommended; the issues can be too complex and require expert professional advice.

Some of the complex issues that typically arise during a Family Law case include:

Our Approach to Each Case

No two cases are the same. Each will require a customized solution; a cookie cutter approach just won't work. It is my goal to hear your story, and understand your situation right from the beginning. Using this information, I am able to help set realistic goals and expectations for the outcome of your case, which will ultimately help you move on with your life.

When children are involved, a whole new dynamic emerges. Parents want the best for their children, and many times the dynamics of the separation or divorce changes from spouse vs. spouse to what is best for the children. I understand, and will always keep this in mind when working through each case.