Conclusion—Frequently Asked Questions

Divorce can have life-long consequences if not done properly.

The purpose of the Family Law FAQ is to give an overview of divorce, separate maintenance, and annulment procedures and associated aspects. It is not designed to be a “how to” means of handling one's own divorce without the advice of competent professionals. It is also not meant to answer all questions that come up in divorce cases, but only the most frequent and important ones, since every case is different.

It should be stressed that one should carefully explore the hiring of a qualified and experienced divorce lawyer. Once that lawyer is retained, the client should provide the attorney with all information in an organized form, and then be prepared to understand and follow the advice given. You are paying for an attorney's knowledge, time and advice-use it wisely! If well-meaning friends or relatives give advice, even from their own experience in divorce, realize they are not experienced divorce lawyers, and their advice should be checked with your attorney.

As you begin the legal process, remember that no court system, Judge, or attorney is equipped to deal immediately and effectively with every interpersonal problem arising in a divorce case. It is not always possible to simply “lay your problem on” your attorney and the court and expect a solution. You often have to take significant responsibility for solving your own problems. You may find that with the advice of your attorney, solving your own particular problem in an open-minded and constructive way will provide you with the simplest and least expensive solution.

Finally, as you approach the legal proceedings, recognize that uncontrolled and potentially destructive emotions usually get in the way of effectively dealing with the serious issues of a divorce proceeding. If necessary, consult your attorney about a recommendation for individual or group counseling. Such counseling may prove as important as any advice or legal assistance given by your attorney.

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If you are facing a divorce or other dispute involving Family Law, the law office of Robert B. Relph can aid in every step of the process. Robert B. Relph has been practicing law for over 44 years and has the knowledge and experience necessary to work through all issues of the case and reach a satisfactory outcome.