Counseling—Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the stresses involved with divorce, almost everyone can benefit from professional counseling.

Almost all persons going through a divorce, even a fairly simple and less traumatic one, can benefit from counseling. Professional counseling to resolve the emotional issues and changes in one's life is separate and apart from legal representation to resolve one's rights and responsibilities. Most attorneys are not equipped to give any in-depth counseling on emotional issues, but they have found that their legal representation is more effective if the client has dealt with those issues before or during the divorce process.

It should be obvious that a divorcing party is far less equipped to deal with the legal advice and proceedings when that party is not able to deal with his/her own emotions, and to separate those emotions from the proceedings. It is, therefore, strongly recommended that a divorcing party obtain counseling, whether as an individual or in a group. Most divorce attorneys can advise clients on the range of professional counseling services available.

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