Divorce and Custody Lawyer in Grand Rapids with over 40 Years Experience

For over 40 years, Grand Rapids divorce lawyer Robert B. Relph has represented clients in divorce, separate maintenance, child custody and other Family Law matters.

Almost every matter involving divorce in Grand Rapids, and especially child custody in Grand Rapids is emotionally charged and stressful, filled with many unanswered questions and requiring tough decisions to be made. We empathize with our clients throughout this difficult time, and take pride in taking the time to understand each client's own situation and then guide them through to a fair and just outcome as economically as possible.

Whether your situation involves children or no children, large or small assets, businesses or no businesses, the law office of Robert B. Relph has the experience and dedication necessary to handle your case in the best way possible, giving you the peace of mind needed to move on with your life.

Our Grand Rapids Divorce Practice

Focusing our practice exclusively on divorce in Grand Rapids allows us to offer our clients the best legal representation possible for divorce, custody and related issues. We're able to stay on top of ever changing laws and trends, and not get bogged down trying to be too many things to too many people.

Our experience in the matters of Family Law in Grand Rapids is wide-ranging, including:

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